Friday, November 18, 2011

Fan of Gardenia Chocolate Twiggies

My son, CoolTeen, has never liked sweet food. When he was a baby he would refuse to drink his milk to the point where I would keep changing milk powder brands until I found one that he would drink  without making a big fuss...all because baby formula tastes sweet. At that time I didn't know why he would always try to push away his milk bottle whenever I tried to feed him, unless he was very hungry of course. It was only when he was a little older that I realised he liked savoury food and had a great dislike for anything sweet - jelly, cakes, candy, ice cream....all except chocolates and chocolate flavoured food or drink.

When he was in Year 1 in primary school, his breakfast would consist of a Gardenia Twiggies chocolate sponge bar and a cup of Milo. Now he is 17 and nothing much has changed -  his breakfast still consists of a Gardenia Twiggies bar and a cup of Milo but now I add 2 half-boiled eggs as well so that he wouldn't get hungry too soon before lunch time.

We were chatting during lunch yesterday and somehow the topic went to Gardenia Twiggies. CoolTeen said that he must have eaten thousands of them over the years, so we did a quick calculation. 

He only eats them during weekdays. On the weekends we would sometimes go out for breakfast at the mamak shop nearby and he would have roti canai. My maths is not too good so I might have gone about it the long way, but this is what we figured out:

There are 52 weeks in a year, minus 11 weeks of term school holidays = 41 weeks

There are 205 weekdays in 41 weeks. Multiply that by the number of years he has been schooling : 205 X 11 years = 2255

My son has eaten approximately 2255 pieces of Gardenia Twiggies in his lifetime! (on some public holidays he may have decided not to eat Twiggies, so this figure is just an estimate). I sure hope Gardenia Malaysia will not stop producing the chocolate Twiggies anytime soon!

Hmm...I wonder if he would qualify to be in the Malaysian Guinness Book of Records for this...?


YuinTing said...

Hey, being such a loyal customer, he could be the brand ambassador! For the tv commercial, I can imagine him playing guitar, drum and piano and suddenly you appear to bring him a hot cup of Milo and Gardenia Twiggies. He thanks and hugs you and a bubble forms above your head...showing his childhood with the same type of breakfast... then a close-up shot of Gardenia Twiggies...

By the way, I am also the type of person who sticks to the same type of breakfast for a very loooooong time. My breakfast consists of Gardenia bread and a cup of Milo. I don't seem to get tired of it. My hubby will die of boredom if I force him to follow the same menu, ha ha.

Sunny-Cookie said...

I think he would die of embarrassment to appear in a TV advertisement like that, my son being a rather introverted boy...although I think your idea is pretty good!

Actually I think sticking to the same type of food makes life a lot less complicated. My daughter loves variety and she can never eat the same food 2 days in a row so sometimes it's a headache for me thinking of what to cook!

Anonymous said...

omg, just stumbled into this article... amazing! Twiggies everyday.. can't believe it! I have them ocassionally when I manage to buy from NTUC in Singapore. Delicious!!! Have them with milk though, too chocolaty...

Sunny-Cookie said...


Yes they are very chocolatey, I wouldn't eat them for more than 2 days in a row but my son just loved them. He's outgrown the Gardenia Twiggies now that he's 19 and has gone on to muscle building food for breakfast!