Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Creature Of Habit

Creature of habit = someone who always does the same thing in the same way (Cambridge Dictionary)

We have a pair of red, square padded stools that we bought from Ikea some years ago. They are placed beside our sofa as additional seating when we have visitors. I thought that red would be a nice contrast to our earth-tone furniture.

Usually, they are just a convenient surface for my kids (and sometimes, hubby) to place their bags and stuff when they arrive home...and I would be nagging them to remove their belongings and put them in their proper place.

One day, one of the stools gave way when a visitor sat on it...oops! I had to remove the top piece as well as the red fabric before getting it repaired.

And so there was left only one red stool....

This is what I saw the next day...hubby's iPad bag and water bottle placed at their usual place.... 
even though the other red stool is no longer there!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

At The Ballet Concert

My daughter, SweetTeen, took part in her ballet school concert on Sunday, 11th of August. She had been practising very hard, going to the ballet studio for lessons and rehearsals 3 to 4 times a week, and for a long stretch of many hours at a time. She even helped to make the props and sew parts of her costume (with a little help from dad when I was away in Sarawak).

All the girls' and their teacher's hard work paid off as the concert was a success and a splendid showcase of talent and teamwork. 

I brought my mum to watch her grand daughter perform, something she's always heard about but never seen, and she was so proud of SweetTeen that night. Hubby commented that my daughter looks so much like me with her make-up on :)

Here are some shots from "The 12 Dancing Princesses", with original choreography by Tippy Toes Ballet Academy...

A special modern dance presentation
that wowed the audience
The final bow before the curtains came down
The 12 dancing princesses with their sifu
WEll DONE, everyone!!