Sunday, August 28, 2011

Too Pretty To Eat

It's been a week of baking fun. Made a batch of mooncakes and they turned out pretty well this time compared to the ones I made last year...forgot to take photos of them before giving them away to my parents-in-law and relatives, though.

Hubby's colleague also gave these pretty little biscuits...can't imagine how she finds time to bake so many types of cookies, being a working mom with 3 young children!

The outside of the package

And the inside...yummy!

On that very same day before hubby came back with that box of lovely Raya cookies, I had decided to try out something I had seen on the internet...cupcakes wrapped with fondant to resemble little flower pots, and then topped with butter icing 'grass' and little fondant flowers.

my little 'flower pots'

'flower pots' complete with 'grass' and 'flowers'

Couldn't resist taking close-up photos of them since I had spent so much time moulding the fondant and turning my fingers into various colours because of the food colouring I used...

The last colour I used was pink, for the flowers. It will take 1 or 2 days before my fingers look normal again.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Don't Play With Pepper Spray

I usually carry a pepper spray in my handbag for personal safety, and since SweetTeen is growing up and she now carries a handbag whenever she goes out, hubby said that we should buy one for her as well.

There are various brands of pepper sprays at Ace Hardware and we bought this:

When we reached home I decided to test it to make sure that the aerosol pump was working, so I aimed it into the kitchen sink and pressed once....

BIG mistake....

Notice the word POWERFUL on the little cannister? That's what it is.

Immediately there was a burning sensation in my throat and a terrible tickle up my nose and I started sneezing non-stop. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to shut my eyes and run out of the kitchen so that the vapour wouldn't affect my eyes.

As the pungent smell spread around the kitchen and into the living room where hubby and the kids were watching tv, everyone started coughing and sneezing. We had to open the doors and turn on the fans full blast to clear the air in the house, and I pretty much ruined their tv time that evening...oops.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dad The Dentist

SweetTeen has been wearing dental braces since May last year and she was given instructions on how to clean her teeth properly as well as a list of foodstuff that she shouldn't eat in case the food damages the braces.

Being the risk-taker that she is, she still tries to eat them anyway...chocolate, hard fruit like apples, popcorn and even chewing gum!

So there were many emergency trips to the dentist whenever a piece of food that she bit into dislodged the wire that spans from left to right, held in place by the little silver brackets glued to her teeth...and the end of the wire pokes the inside of her cheek and gives her an ulcer...

Until the dentist realised that this girl would NOT stop eating all the 'forbidden' food, which were also her favourite, and decided to teach her (and me) how to slide the wire back into place to save us the hassle of travelling to his clinic every so often.

Since I am not very good with wires and pliers, I taught hubby how to do it instead...using my eyebrow tweezers...!  All he needed to do was to grip the wire with the tweezer and slide the exposed end of the wire back into the bracket on her tooth and all would be well again.

So this would be the scene at "Dr. Dad's makeshift clinic in our bedroom"...

SweetTeen shining the torch into her mouth as daddy fixes her braces
It's amazing how many extra skills we have picked up since becoming parents!