Monday, March 30, 2015

He's Now 21

Twenty one years ago on March 23rd,
I became a mother.
I held a little baby in my arms,
My life was changed forever.

How could a baby so tiny,
Fill us with such joy and wonder
Every milestone big or small,
Is recorded with the camera.

Tears and tantrums,
Laughter and tickles,
Chicken drumsticks and chocolate,
Barney and 'The Wiggles'.

Badminton and cycling,
Piano lessons and swimming,
Piles of daily homework,
You did at the speed of lightning.

Then you became a teenager,
And you saw the world differently.
You were growing up
And we missed that dimply smile dearly.

But the years flew by quickly
And the gloomy clouds lifted away.
The boy has grown up,
But still loving Milo every day.

Now my son, you are twenty one
With a future bright and clear.
Spread your wings and fly,
But remember this, my dear....

God always has the best plan for your life.

Your dad and I will be moving in with you 
As soon as you can afford to buy a house of your own!

Happy 21st Birthday, 
my son.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creative Meals

Hubby packs lunch to work, usually something simple like sandwiches or pies and the occasional fried rice. At one time I had been making cute bento lunches for hubby to bring to work but lately I had run out of ideas...until I found a very interesting blog on the internet, Little Miss Bento where food is made with such creativity that it gave me ideas once again on how to make our meals more enjoyable.

My daughter, SweetTeen also has her share of cute lunches after she comes home from school. These are some of the simple meals I came up with in the last 2 weeks:

SweetTeen loves sushi and scrambled eggs,
so I made happy sausage sushi for lunch
Some music notes made of cheese added
to a hotdog
 Rice in the shape of sheep, since it's
the Year of The Sheep 
On Valentine's Day this year I decided on a home-cooked meal instead of spending money on food with ridiculously hiked-up prices....
A smiley doggy for dinner - made 4 of this.
 It was good to spend Valentine's Day
 together as a family
One of my latest, and favourite -
snowman taking a dip in chicken stew.
SweetTeen said it was too cute to eat

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Letter To Myself

Recently someone posted a video on Facebook entitled "Dear 16-year-old Me" about melanoma (skin cancer) survivors sharing their stories. I've also read something similar in someone's blog about that person sharing her experiences through a letter. That got me thinking...what would I tell the teenager that I once was, now that I am 46 and have experienced more of life? 

Dear 16-year-old Me,

Hi! I am you, 30 years down the road. I'm writing you this letter because I think that there are some things you might be curious to know about how life will turn out for you. It's hard for you to imagine yourself at my age, but just to let you know, I haven't changed much except that my face is a little rounder and my boobs sag a little lower, haha. 

I still remember you envisioning the future, about having a career and a wonderful marriage with 2 kids. Don't worry too much about not having a boyfriend even though you see your friends pairing up and being all lovey-dovey. How do you know when the right guy comes along? When you go out with a guy and he doesn't try to impress you with how good he is or what possessions he has. When you can be yourself with him and he loves you for being you. When he cares for others. When he loves God and wants to please Him. And yes, this guy exists and you married him. He and his family love you to bits.

And yes, you will have 2 kids - a boy and a girl - just like you imagined you would. They have been a challenge to raise but I cannot imagine my life without them. The love and joy that they bring is just priceless. And nothing beats being a mom to teenage kids! By the way, your daughter looks like you and she dances ballet, like how you had wanted to but somehow didn't.

Oh yes, one thing I have a hard time getting rid of are the freckles on my cheeks. I wish you would not spend so much time in the sun although I understand that during that era the trend was having tanned skin. Sunblock is now my best friend. However, I must thank you for taking care of your skin with the proper skin care through the years and now people tell me that I look younger than my age. I must confess though, that the love for make up and cosmetics have carried on till this present day. Another thing, you don't need to wish for bigger eyes, your small eyes look fine with proper make up. The lack of height...just got to live with it.

My health is not too bad for a 46-year-old. I still love cakes and pastries, but I try not to give in to temptation - sometimes I succeed, other times I don't. The trend now is healthy eating.

Life will not be a bed of roses but I know you have that 'stubbornness' in you that you will never quit no matter what life throws at you. You have dreams of pursuing your studies overseas and there will come a time after you've completed your matriculation in college that you will see your friends one by one going overseas for their studies...but you will be left behind. Dad will tell you that his business is not doing well and there won't be enough money for you to study overseas. But don't despair, opportunities will open up in other areas and you will find tremendous joy and satisfaction in another career path.  Also, you would not have met your Prince Charming if you had gone overseas, so I am thankful now for the broken dreams back then.

An illness in the family will really test you and force you to grow up real quick. But don't worry, your faith in God will bring you through the difficult times when you have to bear heavy burdens on your young shoulders.
A drastic change to a smaller town later on will seem like an awful hindrance to all your plans, but this will be the time when you discover yourself minus all the trappings of material possessions and big-city life.

So, don't take things too seriously, enjoy the fun moments. Treasure your friends. Some of those girls in school and new friends you find at your future workplace will become lifelong pals. 

Embrace difficult circumstances as opportunities to grow as a person. Trust God and He will show you what He has purposed for you, and bring you from strength to strength. All that I am and have is truly by the grace of God, and for that I am grateful.

Your 46-year-old Self

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Adieu 2014

Here we are at the end of another year. 2014 has been a year of ups and downs for me. I'm thankful for the good things and grateful to God for strength when I encountered life's storms. 

Looking forward to better things in the coming year. Am going to church with hubby and kids to spend the last few hours of the year. This year our pastor has scheduled an all night prayer meeting. What better way to end the year and welcome the new year than to be in the presence of God, committing all that's important to us into His loving hands.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Things That Bring Some Cheer

Lately the weather has been wet and gloomy on most days, perfect for curling up on the sofa with a nice hot drink and something to munch. Since I can't do that very often, I've found some things to bring some cheer when the day is long and tiring...

McDonald's was selling these cute little plush toys. The kids today may not appreciate them but the Mr Men and Little Miss books were one of my favourites in my childhood. So I just had to get them. Too bad I didn't manage to collect the whole set. They just bring a smile whenever I look at them.

I had a collection of almost all the books in the series. When I went back to my mum's house to look for them so that I could pass them on to my kids, my mum told me she had given them all away! :(

I was at the pasar malam one evening and look what I assemble-it-yourself little piano! The retail price at the malls is RM35.90 but I got it for RM14, not the original version but not any less adorable. It's now on display on top of my upright piano. Maybe I'll be able to buy a grand piano some day. Love it to bits!

A piping hot bowl of curry laksa on a cold and wet morning. Some friends brought us to this coffee shop called Red Leaf at Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur. Best laksa I've tasted so far. Thumbs up!

And of course, some colourful chewy candy that I picked up from the Aeon supermarket. A bit of sugar rush when I'm a little low on energy. We all need a little pick-me-up now and then :)