Thursday, June 23, 2011


These days my kids always seem to be hungry after their tuition classes and on their way home they would ask their dad to take a detour to get something to munch. I am quite sure this has something to do with the opening of a new minimart nearby...

SweetTeen is delighted that this outlet closes at 11pm because her tuition class usually finishes around 10.15pm and by that time most stores nearby would be closed... so she came up with TGFMM - Thank God For MyMydin...!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bus Stops Around The World

A friend of mine knows that I like creative photos and I received an email from her today with pictures of creative bus stop designs around the world....

Futuristic design seen in Curitiba, Brazil

A bit of swinging fun in London

Beautifully decorated bus stop in Cornwall, England

Delicious-looking bus stop in Japan

Unusual shaped design in Estonia

A comfy bus stop in Germany

Fully enclosed and air-conditioned - Dubai

Made from parts of an old bus in Georgia, USA

Play some football at this bus stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Colourful shopping bags above the bus stop in Singapore

And of course our very own Malaysian bus stop...simple but practical design

Designed to protect commuters from the heat and rain, but the bus stop itself was not safe from thieves...

huh? where did it go???

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Stepping Back In Time

SweetTeen went for a 4 day-3 night Christian youth camp in Seremban last Thursday. The last time she was away from home was when she went for a school trip 3 years ago to Pangkor island. The house was unusually quiet without her because CoolTeen doesn't speak as much and even when prompted with questions his answers are brief.

On Friday night, hubby  and I decided to go to Empire Shopping Gallery to look for a gift as my MIL's birthday was coming up. Every night before she went to bed SweetTeen would call us on her mobile phone to say 'goodnight' and when she called on Friday night we were travelling home in the car after our shopping trip. As usual she would ask what we were doing and when we told her we were in the car, she retorted in a joking manner, "What? You went shopping without me??!!"

We were caught in a traffic jam on the way home, even at 10 pm the Federal Highway was still choked with heavy traffic, so we decided to take a little detour and see if the A & W restaurant at Lorong Sultan in Petaling Jaya was still around. It has been about 20 years since I last visited that restaurant!

The roads and landmarks have changed quite a bit, the huge signboard is faded but the A & W restaurant was still there...looking exactly as it did 20 years ago.

As we stepped through the glass doors it was like going back in time...the interior was still the same. Even the air-cond units were the huge old-fashioned type that was mounted on the walls, and I recognised the familiar floor tiles...and it was still as crowded even after all these years. We ordered our favourite - the waffle with a scoop of ice-cream topped with strawberry jam.

This was one of the places I used to hang out with my friends when I was a teenager, so being there again after 20 years brought back lots of memories. Hubby also used to go there when he was younger, but we didn't know each other then. So this is one thing we have in common.

The strange thing I noticed that night is that the customers were mainly people around the same age as us, some with their children and some just come on their own to enjoy a meal of fastfood...people who have had fun times at that little A & W restaurant tucked away in a little corner of Petaling Jaya, and still enjoy going there for the food and the ambience.

There was no WiFi back then and there is still no WiFi at this restaurant today...very unusual for a fastfood outlet. I suppose that's why it was so noisy because people actually had to speak to each other instead of being engrossed with their portable WiFi devices!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lunch At Kota Kemuning

Visited a friend in Kota Kemuning today with SweetTeen and my friend MK with her 4 year old daughter. I have never been to Kota Kemuning but I've heard that it's a pleasant township with affordable housing, a nice lake and some good eateries.

Had lunch at this cosy little place called Treats Cafe. Tried their Chicken Chop in Teriyake Sauce which MK recommended. She asked me to rate it...I gave it an 8 out of 10.

SweetTeen usually orders Fish and Chips.

But what I enjoyed most was the dessert...Banana Fritters with a double scoop of vanilla ice-cream served with a drizzle of syrup...the combination of hot and cold was just yummy! Must try to replicate this at home.