Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bus Stops Around The World

A friend of mine knows that I like creative photos and I received an email from her today with pictures of creative bus stop designs around the world....

Futuristic design seen in Curitiba, Brazil

A bit of swinging fun in London

Beautifully decorated bus stop in Cornwall, England

Delicious-looking bus stop in Japan

Unusual shaped design in Estonia

A comfy bus stop in Germany

Fully enclosed and air-conditioned - Dubai

Made from parts of an old bus in Georgia, USA

Play some football at this bus stop in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Colourful shopping bags above the bus stop in Singapore

And of course our very own Malaysian bus stop...simple but practical design

Designed to protect commuters from the heat and rain, but the bus stop itself was not safe from thieves...

huh? where did it go???


YuinTing said...

Very creative and lovely bus stop designs. It must be fun to be involved in such a project :-)

Sunny-Cookie said...

I really admire the people who came up with the designs and those who turned the drawings into beautiful structures!