Thursday, June 23, 2011


These days my kids always seem to be hungry after their tuition classes and on their way home they would ask their dad to take a detour to get something to munch. I am quite sure this has something to do with the opening of a new minimart nearby...

SweetTeen is delighted that this outlet closes at 11pm because her tuition class usually finishes around 10.15pm and by that time most stores nearby would be closed... so she came up with TGFMM - Thank God For MyMydin...!


YuinTing said...

Ha! Ha! SweetTeen is very creative. TGFMM can be also Thank God For My Mommy :-)

I think our kids are growing. Nowadays my elder 2 also get hungry easily, and always ask for supper.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi YuinTing,
Yes, growing kids get hungry very quickly :)
Thank God For My Mommy sounds a lot better but mommy makes her kids eat nutritious food while daddy usually lets them buy fast food and junk food :(