Saturday, July 2, 2011


If you are having a dull day and need a good laugh, try looking up the travelling directions using Google maps:

1) Go to ''

2) Click on 'Get Directions'

3) Click the car icon

4) In the A box, type 'new york'

5) In the B box, type 'tokyo'

6) Click 'Get Directions' below the B box

7) Read direction #51

Here's another one that will tickle your funny bone...

1) In the A box, type 'tokyo'

2) In the B box, type 'china'

3) Click 'Get Directions' and read #48

Now try travelling from 'china' to 'taiwan' and read #48...well, it's only 165km...!!

And one more thing I discovered:

1) Go to ''

2) In the From box, select 'English'

3) In the To box, select 'Chinese (Simplified)'

4) In the large box beneath, type 'how old are you'

5) Click 'Translate'

6) Laugh...if you understand Mandarin :)

(The people at Google sure have a strange sense of humour!)

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