Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mom, Daughter & David Archuleta

SweetTeen is a true blue David Archuleta fan ever since she watched him sing on American Idol Season 7. We watched him perform at the Sunway Lagoon Amphitheatre 2 years ago when I won 2 free passes from the radio station.

So when an article about his upcoming concert in Malaysia was published in The Star newspapers together with a contest to win 2 tickets, I quickly sat down at the PC  to send in my entry. Had to put on my thinking cap and come up with a catchy slogan... and about 4 days later I saw this in my email inbox:

SweetTeen was sqealing with excitement when she saw it. We collected the tickets on Monday and yesterday I decided not to drive so we took the LRT to the Hang Tuah station which is about 10 minutes' walk from Stadium Negara.

The concert was at 8pm but we arrived about 5.30pm to queue since it was free seating for the tickets we had. There were about 10 people already waiting at the gate when we arrived. Brought some sandwiches and had a mini picnic while waiting since food and drinks were not allowed into the hall. Decided to join the queue at 6.30 when more and more people started streaming in, and waited for about an hour before the gate finally opened.

I think we Malaysians are quite civilised even when it comes to free seating as everyone queued patiently and nobody rushed, and we managed to get seats with a good view of the stage. There were people of all ages, not just screaming teenage girls.

After the opening act by local artiste Hao Ren, the organisers allowed everyone to upgrade to better seats to fill up the middle portion of the hall as it was not a sold out concert, which was such a pity because David Archuleta can REALLY sing, and he does it so effortlessly! This young boy even writes good songs. No fancy dance moves or stage effects...just his soaring voice and sunny personality that made the concert such an unforgettable event. And he had a really good band backing him up.

SweetTeen was on cloud nine the whole time and long after the last note ended for the night. The sound system was cranked to maximum volume and my ears are still ringing a little. Here is one of my favourite songs that he sang:

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