Sunday, May 30, 2010

Check It Out

I have received lots of emails with stories about how someone was tricked and robbed, or how a certain kind of food is a cure-all for most ailments, or warnings about a new kind of computer virus that would cause irreversible damage to our computer if we click on a certain link, etc, etc.

Sometimes after reading the email I would wonder if a certain story was true or not. There is a website called which has a large collection of urban legends and other stories of questionable origin, which makes it a rather useful resource for checking to see if what we read is true or not (wikipedia).

For example, the email supposedly from Facebook which requests that the Facebook user click on an attachment....REAL VIRUS, do not click on the attachment!

Another example: Fruit must be eaten on an empty stomach in order for the body to absorb it properly....FALSE! Fruits combined with other food in our stomach does not putrefy - food does NOT rot in our stomach!

Check it out...don't believe everything you read.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Done In Slow Motion

I was looking at some videos in YouTube to try to get some ideas for a church presentation for Father's Day when I came across this very funny slow-mo video...

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Generation Y

Received this email from my sis-in-law the other day...

What is Generation Y ??

Hmm, I've always wondered this myself... now I know.

- People born before 1946 were called The Silent generation..

- The Baby Boomers, are people born between 1946 and 1959.

- Generation X, people have been born between 1960 and 1979.

- Generation Y, are the people born between 1980 and 2009.

Why do we call the last group Generation Y? I never did know, but recently a cartoonist explained it very eloquently below...

Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 30th Birthday, Pacman!


Wow, it's Pacman's 30th anniversary! I still remember playing this game for hours and hours on the PC a very long time ago when I was a was THE game back then.


The Google homepage has this Pacman game...really nice. Couldn't resist playing it, but playing Pacman with a computer mouse isn't as fun as playing it with a joystick. I can just imagine my kids asking, "What's Pacman? What's a joystick?...What?! Green was the only colour for computer graphics back then??" About 20 years ago I would not have imagined that the graphics displayed on the PC monitor could be as colourful and beautiful as it is today. I still remember doing flowcharts for computer programming and playing Lode Runner (one of my favourite games of all times!) until everything I saw had a strange greenish tinge because I had been glued to the PC for hours and hours trying to get to the next level of the game!

Those were the days...kinda feel old even as I type this...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Sofa

Hubby and I decided to change our sofa set because we thought it's about time for a little home makeover.

We wanted to give the sofas away instead of dumping them, so I called up the Persatuan Amal Seri Sinar, a charity organisation....the one that provides the large metal donation bins in housing areas for people to donate their clothes, toys, recyclables, etc. They will send a truck to collect furniture and large electrical appliances.

They came on Monday and took away my sofa set. The problem is that my new sofa set can only be delivered on Friday, the earliest...which means that we have no sofa to sit on when we watch TV...much to the dismay of our kids.

We only have these 2 little stools we bought from was quite comical to see the kids perched on them...not a very comfortable way to watch TV! seems like a good way to keep the kids from watching too much TV, though!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internet Connection a-Okay

For the whole week I have been trying to upload my daughter's school Sports Day videos to Youtube for her friends to view, and every time I will see this: upload failed

Hubby called up TM to complain because our internet connection was so bad...the connection would break every so often, and we would have to wait about 10 minutes before it comes back on again. But every time we called the Streamyx hotline they would say that everything is fine on their end. Our phone line also had a buzzing sound and at times we could hardly hear what the other person is saying.

A few days ago TM sent 2 technicians over and they told me that the problem was with our wiring because we had two phones and the computer is splitter, the cable heads were turning black from age, I told them that hubby would rewire everything himself... and they weren't too pleased that they couldn't do it for me, and they got on my nerves with their sarcastic remarks. When hubby came home he wasn't too pleased with the diagnosis because he said "What do you mean there's no splitter? I bought it from TM!"

So hubby spent the whole of Sunday morning changing the cables and splitter and rewiring everything.

Still no change...the phone line buzzed and the internet connection was still poor.

Called up TM again. They even suggested that my house alarm could be the cause(!) Yesterday they sent another technician. This time he checked everything and found that the surge protector had gone kaput (must have been struck by lightning) and was causing all the problems. . He was also a little sarcastic (hey, do I look like an ignorant housewife or something?) until I lost my cool...then he was very nice and explained everything to me in layman terms.

Hubby bought a new surge protector, changed everything, reminded our kid to switch off the PC when there's lightning... and voila! No more problems with the phone line. The internet connection is not great but it's much much better.

Finally able to upload all the videos for Miss PreTeen and I am back to updating my blog. big smiles!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Someone Needs Glasses

This MICHELIN logo is painted on 2 shutters...when the shutters are closed, the logo is seen.

What happened to this one on the other side of the shop??

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Multilingual Essay

Saw this on Facebook, uploaded by a teacher friend of one of my friends...just too funny not to share.


The teacher must have seen quite a lot of these kinds of essays, she just wrote Jangan campur Bahasa Cina dalam karangan Bahasa Melayu!! My daughter says that if she had written such an essay her teacher would surely chase her round the school with the rotan!