Wednesday, May 19, 2010

No Sofa

Hubby and I decided to change our sofa set because we thought it's about time for a little home makeover.

We wanted to give the sofas away instead of dumping them, so I called up the Persatuan Amal Seri Sinar, a charity organisation....the one that provides the large metal donation bins in housing areas for people to donate their clothes, toys, recyclables, etc. They will send a truck to collect furniture and large electrical appliances.

They came on Monday and took away my sofa set. The problem is that my new sofa set can only be delivered on Friday, the earliest...which means that we have no sofa to sit on when we watch TV...much to the dismay of our kids.

We only have these 2 little stools we bought from was quite comical to see the kids perched on them...not a very comfortable way to watch TV! seems like a good way to keep the kids from watching too much TV, though!

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