Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internet Connection a-Okay

For the whole week I have been trying to upload my daughter's school Sports Day videos to Youtube for her friends to view, and every time I will see this: upload failed

Hubby called up TM to complain because our internet connection was so bad...the connection would break every so often, and we would have to wait about 10 minutes before it comes back on again. But every time we called the Streamyx hotline they would say that everything is fine on their end. Our phone line also had a buzzing sound and at times we could hardly hear what the other person is saying.

A few days ago TM sent 2 technicians over and they told me that the problem was with our wiring because we had two phones and the computer is upstairs....no splitter, the cable heads were turning black from age, etc...so I told them that hubby would rewire everything himself... and they weren't too pleased that they couldn't do it for me, and they got on my nerves with their sarcastic remarks. When hubby came home he wasn't too pleased with the diagnosis because he said "What do you mean there's no splitter? I bought it from TM!"

So hubby spent the whole of Sunday morning changing the cables and splitter and rewiring everything.

Still no change...the phone line buzzed and the internet connection was still poor.

Called up TM again. They even suggested that my house alarm could be the cause(!) Yesterday they sent another technician. This time he checked everything and found that the surge protector had gone kaput (must have been struck by lightning) and was causing all the problems. . He was also a little sarcastic (hey, do I look like an ignorant housewife or something?) until I lost my cool...then he was very nice and explained everything to me in layman terms.

Hubby bought a new surge protector, changed everything, reminded our kid to switch off the PC when there's lightning... and voila! No more problems with the phone line. The internet connection is not great but it's much much better.

Finally able to upload all the videos for Miss PreTeen and I am back to updating my blog. big smiles!

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