Monday, September 29, 2014

I Had 5 Kids For A Week

Last week had been a busy but fun-filled week as we played host to 3 young men from our branch church in Miri. For 2 of them, it's their first time travelling to Peninsula Malaysia so we brought them to as many places as we could fit into each day. It was also school holidays and semester break for my kids.

The guys arrived on Sunday. On Monday we took them to Colmar Tropicale Resort and then up to Genting Highlands. It was their first experience riding the cable car. And for the first time in many years there was no queue for the cable car ride even though it was school holidays last week, mainly due to the extensive ongoing renovations done to the outdoor theme park. Only the video arcade machines and kiddy rides are operating at the moment, much to our disappointment, as my kids had wanted to ride the indoor roller-coaster and the bumper cars.
At one point on our way down, the winds
got so strong that the cable cars were
halted for around 10 minutes, which made the
ride even more exciting in a scary way.
On Tuesday we had a farewell lunch with our church youth group at Restaurant Thai Fish Farm along Jalan Hulu Langat for one of the youths who was going overseas to further her studies. Then it was off to eCurve to take part in 'The Pirate Ship', a problem-solving game at the Escape Room. We were locked in a room and given clues on how to escape, but need to do it within 45 minutes. This time we managed to clock the fastest time of 29mins 50secs and was named champion for the day :)
The weary bunch after using too much
brain-power, haha.
We also did some shopping at Berjaya Times Square, and one of the guys was quite amazed at the crowd of people there and commented that he had never seen so many people in one place before. 
The 7 of us near the musical stairs at Berjaya Times Square
On Wednesday, we made a trip to KLCC to photograph the twin towers. They had been very excited about seeing the twin towers and at first we were a little worried as there had been bad haze in the city just the day before. But when we reached KLCC, it was clear skies and the guys took lots and lots of photos.
On Thursday, we made our way to Malacca for our church camp at Seri Costa Hotel. It was really good to take time away from our daily routines to just immerse ourselves in spiritual matters such as prayer and listening to God's Word taught from the Bible. Of course it was also a time of deepening friendships as we spent 3 days having meals together and taking wefies (selfies of a group of people) and generally just having lots of fun and laughter.
On Friday afternoon
we had a group walk-about in Malacca town,
enjoying the sights and sounds, as well as
the food, at Jonker Street.
This is a photo of a few of us ladies in our hats

and camp T-shirts. 
We headed back to KL on Saturday after lunch, then it was off to KLIA for our guests to catch their flight home to MIri. 

It was really fun experiencing what it would feel like to have 5 kids! Everywhere we went, we had to have a head count to make sure everyone was in the car before we headed off to the next destination. Can't leave anyone behind, right? It was also rather funny the way people assumed that we were a family and then whisper behind our backs or give us strange stares when we begin speaking to each other in the Malay language, as some of us were fair and a few had darker skin.

When Monday came, the house was absolutely quiet when hubby went off to work, CoolGuy started his semester and SweetTeen went to school. Yes...Monday Blues kicked in.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Getting Our Wires Crossed

Hubby had some free time on one of the weekends, and he decided to do some re-wiring behind our TV set for all our various gadgets...the DVD player, home theater system, XBox console, etc.

I was busy in the kitchen and when I walked past the dining table where he was seated, this is what I saw:

The precision of an engineer in
mapping out his course of action-
the red lines are wires connecting
the individual gadgets
 This is how I would probably do my wiring, much to the horror of my hubby (which is why I never get the opportunity to handle wires in our home, haha!)

The precision of a creative individual...