Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Pics

Since it's the last day of February and also the extra day in 2012, I thought I would just put up some pics  instead of writing a long post.

A spider the size of a 50sen coin (no kidding!) ran across our
living room floor causing panic among my family members,
so it got flattened by a rolled up newspaper.

I wonder if dogs could read this sign and
stay away from this rest area along the
north-south highway.

Seen on a list of kitchen utensils provided at
a holiday bungalow in Langkawi - it's supposed

to be 'Corning Ware'

The wonders of nature - there's a crab camouflaged
perfectly against these rocks...can you spot it?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Turn Off The Tap!

The water supply to my kitchen tap and the shower in the master bedroom's bathroom comes from the main water pipe while the tangki water is for all the other taps in the house.  Due to low water pressure, if someone is using the tap in the kitchen, the person who happens to be bathing at that moment will have no water to use...not even a drop!

Many a time hubby had found himself in the shower with a head full of shampoo and no water to wash it off while I was washing up after dinner, blissfully unaware of the predicament he was in! And worse of all, he had no way of telling me to turn off the kitchen tap because I wouldn't be able to hear him yelling from upstairs as the distance is quite far.

One day I jokingly mentioned that we should install an intercom in the bathroom and kitchen, and hubby came up with an idea, so this is what he fixed in the bathroom instead....

a switch in the shower box
...and this is what he put in the kitchen on the window sill near the sink...

a battery operated doorbell
So whenever anyone is taking a shower and someone downstairs uses the kitchen tap, it goes "DING DONG...DING DONG" and that means "turn off the tap...NOW!" 

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Tragic Ending

Final update on the nest of the Yellow-vented Bulbul in my garden:
The day after I posted the update on the nestlings, I noticed one of them perched on the edge of the nest. It stood like that for the entire morning and was still in that position at about 2pm when I needed to go out for a while.

Baby bird standing on the edge facing the nest
When I came home around 4 pm, I decided to fill up the fish pond with some water as the weather has been extremely hot and the water level was rather low. As I was standing near the fish pond I noticed that papa and mama bird were flying around keeping their eyes on me. Then I noticed a little figure on the ground and was surprised to see the little baby bird standing there looking very frightened and lost. I thought that mama bird's flying lessons had begun and her little baby had jumped off the nest and tried to fly but ended up on the ground instead. But mama bird was keeping her distance, so I picked up the little fella and decided to pop it back into the nest before the neighbourhood cat came along.

A quick snapshot before baby birdie goes back into the nest
I yelled for my son to bring the stepladder as the nest was rather high up and  carefully lifted the baby bird up into its nest...but it stuck its bony legs apart and refused to go in! I was getting nervous because mama bird was around and she would surely peck at me if she thought that I was trying to take her baby. So I left it standing on the edge of the nest once more and quickly went back into the house. The baby bird just stood there and was very still for hours after that, and the parents just hopped on the nearby plants calling out rather loudly but did not fly up to the nest...I thought that the other baby bird had already flown away and the parents were trying to coax this one to fly away with them too. 

Before I went to bed I took a peep at the baby bird and it was still standing on the edge of the nest refusing to go in even though the night was getting cold...which was rather strange behaviour...but there was nothing I could do about it.

The next morning the baby bird was still there perched on the edge, but this time it hopped about a bit whenever the mama bird came near and called out to it. I thought that the time had finally arrived for this little bird to fly away, so I decided to keep my distance and not scare the mama bird away with my presence.

After a few hours there was silence and when I looked out of my window I couldn't see the little baby bird any more...but to my horror I saw it lying on the ground...dead! Oh no! I rushed out to take a closer look, then with a heavy heart I had to remove the carcass as ants were coming towards it from all directions. 
Poor baby :(
Then I decided to find out whether the nest was empty, and when I climbed up to take a look this is what I saw...
 No!!! The other baby bird was already dead!
My guess is that one of the baby birds died in the nest (maybe both of them had a fight, or maybe mama bird was careless when she settled into the nest at night and accidentally crushed it...I really don't know) and the other baby bird decided not to be in the nest with a carcass...but it couldn't fly it probably fell off the nest the first time. Then I picked it up and placed it back, and it fell a second time...injuring itself fatally. 

I felt so sad for the mama bird when she came later bringing food in her beak for her babies...and she couldn't find them...

I couldn't bring myself to remove the carcass from the nest and hubby had to use tongs because the nest is quite deep.

What a tragic ending to a story that started off with so much joy and anticipation....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Bird Nest Update No.2

Update on the nest of the Yellow-vented Bulbul in my garden:
The eggs have hatched! I managed to take quick snapshots of the 2 nestlings whenever the mama bird flew off in search of food to feed her babies.

Newly hatched nestlings -they are featherless
and the eyes have not opened yet. Hubby commented that
they look like the colour of roast chicken...!
The following day, they get a little stronger and
are able to lift their heads a little.
A few days later the 2 of them settle into a routine -
they will nap in the mornings and
pop their heads out of the nest around 3pm onwards
with their beaks open, waiting for food
The papa bird and mama bird are very protective of their offsprings and would always be on the lookout for danger. The birds are quite used to my presence as I am always going in and out of the house but whenever they spot hubby, even though he's watching through the window from inside the house, they would sound the alarm with some loud bird calls and the little nestlings would immediately lower their heads and stay very still in the nest.

Week-old nestlings - they have grown more feathers.
Soon they will be pretty like their papa and mama!
Papa bird perched on the fence,
keeping a watchful eye over the nest.
We're thinking of setting up the videocam, like we did when the sunbirds were around, so hopefully we can capture a video of the little birds when they learn to fly.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Everyday I'm Shuffling ;-)

Couldn't resist sharing this brings a smile every time I watch it, especially at 1:44!