Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Nest In Our Garden

For the past few years around this time of the year, sunbirds have been building nests in our garden, so when I heard the chirping of birds for the past few mornings I thought that the sunbirds were back again to build a new nest.

Then hubby noticed something in one of the hanging flower pots - some pieces of cotton and raffia string plus lots of little twigs. 

Today we saw this and marvelled at how little birds could build a cup-like nest that is so perfectly circular without any measuring instruments...

There are no eggs yet
and we don't really know what kind of bird built this,
but we shall soon find out
when the mother bird lays her eggs and hatches them :)


YuinTing said...

It is so wonderful to have bird building nest in the garden! Can't wait to see what kind of bird it is. Please remember to update us!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Found out that it's a robin...will post pictures soon!