Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunbirds In Our Garden Part 3

A few weeks ago another pair of sunbirds came and repaired the empty nest hanging at our pergola. As soon as we saw the female bird sitting in the nest day and night, we knew that there were eggs in the nest and we would be able to watch another pair of baby sunbirds hatch, grow up and fly away.

I was pretty determined not to miss the 'flying away' part of the cycle, as I had missed it twice before, so hubby set up the video camera again and we recorded the daily goings-on at the nest as soon as the baby birds began popping their heads out of it.

The babies had grown quite big and we were sure that they would be flying away very soon. But on Saturday there was a little accident at the nest...one of the baby birds had come a little too far out of the nest while feeding and got its little leg entangled outside the nest. I was out, but fortunately, hubby was home and he saw all the commotion. He managed to untangle the baby bird while the father and mother sunbirds flew around him, fiercely protective of their offspring.

Hubby even managed to snap a photo...


Poor birds...now they don't seem to want to fly. Every time they come out of the nest to flap their wings, they will chicken out and hop right back in....even though the parents will be trying to get them to come out by feeding them from further and further away.

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