Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Favourite Sushi Outlet


My daughter and I (the self-proclaimed sushi queens) have found a new place to go for our Sushi fix besides Sushi King...Sushi Zanmai on the 3rd floor at The Gardens. Went there for the first time with my friend MK and her very adorable 2 year old daughter.


The sushi on the conveyor belt looks quite appealing and the price starts from RM1.80...not too hard on the wallet. My daughter used to like Sakae Sushi because she gets to fiddle with the touch-screen computer provided at each table, but even she admits that the food at Sushi Zanmai is better...she even brought Daddy to try it out when I had a lunch appointment with some old friends during Chinese New Year 2 weeks ago.


Not being a fan of Japanese noodles, I was hooked when I tasted this.

The downside is that the air-conditioning could be fun having a meal while busy wiping sweat from my forehead (I remember my English teacher used to tell us, "Boys sweat, but girls perspire"....haha)

Now if only there were more Sushi Zanmai outlets...The Gardens is rather far from my home :(

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杨 霓 said...

I go there too with my friend. Not bad! will put it on my blog too...