Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun In The Kitchen

Went over to my friend MK's apartment this morning to do some baking because she wanted to try out the convection function on her microwave. I'm a whole lot better at using the conventional electric oven rather than the microwave, so last night I asked her if we could use the metal baking tray in her microwave...I know I can't use metal containers in my own microwave oven and I didn't want to blow up her kitchen!

Not being very adventurous, I used the cake pre-mix instead of baking a cake from scratch. The cake cracked halfway through baking...didn't look very professionally done but at least it tasted good.

candles arranged by a 2 year old

Since my daughter's birthday is coming in 2 days' time, MK decided to have an early birthday celebration for her. Packed some KFC and had a mini party. MK's 2 year old daughter was all eager to help blow out the candles.

Brought 3/4 of the cake home (such a glutton,haha!) and brought some to Bible Study in the evening. It was gone in a few minutes...

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