Wednesday, February 25, 2009

A Fine Day At School

My son goes to a fine school...well, not that kind of fine although it is a good school...I mean that every time a student breaks a school rule, he pays a fine.

the prefects even issue receipts

Now, doing laundry is definitely NOT one of my favourites chores.

This morning my son asked for his school T-shirt and I realised that it was still in the laundry basket with all the dirty clothes...oops! The weather has been rather wet lately and I had been putting off doing laundry for a few days. I had totally forgotten that he needed to wear that T-shirt on Wednesdays.

"So how?" I asked him.

"Get fined lor," he replied.

"How much?" I asked.

"Two Ringgit," he replied.

So I had to fork out RM2...for allowing dirty clothes to pile up in the laundry basket...sigh!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun In The Kitchen

Went over to my friend MK's apartment this morning to do some baking because she wanted to try out the convection function on her microwave. I'm a whole lot better at using the conventional electric oven rather than the microwave, so last night I asked her if we could use the metal baking tray in her microwave...I know I can't use metal containers in my own microwave oven and I didn't want to blow up her kitchen!

Not being very adventurous, I used the cake pre-mix instead of baking a cake from scratch. The cake cracked halfway through baking...didn't look very professionally done but at least it tasted good.

candles arranged by a 2 year old

Since my daughter's birthday is coming in 2 days' time, MK decided to have an early birthday celebration for her. Packed some KFC and had a mini party. MK's 2 year old daughter was all eager to help blow out the candles.

Brought 3/4 of the cake home (such a glutton,haha!) and brought some to Bible Study in the evening. It was gone in a few minutes...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Comfort For My Back


My father-in-law has this mesh back-support gadget which he places on the chair at his computer desk. Hubby tried it and decided to buy one for himself...cost him RM67.80 It's called Dr. Backbone and it's supposed to be good for people with back pain.

Hubby brought it to office this morning.

By evening, Dr. Backbone was back home.

Hubby said that it made him dizzy because the mesh support made him bounce against his chair as he sat.

So now I am sitting here writing a post for my blog as I lean against Dr. Backbone( it's now officially mine )....enjoying the comfort after spending a few hours on my feet in the kitchen (smiles).

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Any Key

Have you noticed that the English word key has multiple definitions/meanings? I found at least 7 in my Little Oxford Dictionary and more than that in other dictionaries.

I suppose the common kinds of keys would be house keys, car keys, piano keys and keys on the computer keyboard.

But have you ever wished there is this thing called Any key?

pic source unknown

Sunday, February 15, 2009

New Favourite Sushi Outlet


My daughter and I (the self-proclaimed sushi queens) have found a new place to go for our Sushi fix besides Sushi King...Sushi Zanmai on the 3rd floor at The Gardens. Went there for the first time with my friend MK and her very adorable 2 year old daughter.


The sushi on the conveyor belt looks quite appealing and the price starts from RM1.80...not too hard on the wallet. My daughter used to like Sakae Sushi because she gets to fiddle with the touch-screen computer provided at each table, but even she admits that the food at Sushi Zanmai is better...she even brought Daddy to try it out when I had a lunch appointment with some old friends during Chinese New Year 2 weeks ago.


Not being a fan of Japanese noodles, I was hooked when I tasted this.

The downside is that the air-conditioning could be fun having a meal while busy wiping sweat from my forehead (I remember my English teacher used to tell us, "Boys sweat, but girls perspire"....haha)

Now if only there were more Sushi Zanmai outlets...The Gardens is rather far from my home :(

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tick Tock


Been trying to find a nice clock to replace our very gigantic office-like clock in the living room. That clock was a wedding present and it has served us well for the past 16 years (wow, have I been married that long already?!) but I thought our living room needed something quirky that reflected more of my personality(haha!) Finally found one at the Pavillion while window shopping with my family the other day. A 'designer clock' for just RM49 :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sunbirds Have Flown Away

This morning, after many, many attempts to leave the nest, the baby sunbirds have finally flown away. It was rather amusing seeing them perch at the edge of the nest opening, flap their wings, then chicken out and hop back in...despite both the daddy bird and mommy bird trying their best to coax them out.

The first to leave the nest...

The one that was left behind...tried many times to fly.

But sadly, I ran out of tape and didn't record the second bird flying away. Now the nest is quiet and empty :(

But after lunch, a new female bird came to inspect the empty nest... so it looks like there will be more bird-watching in the coming weeks :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunbirds In Our Garden Part 3

A few weeks ago another pair of sunbirds came and repaired the empty nest hanging at our pergola. As soon as we saw the female bird sitting in the nest day and night, we knew that there were eggs in the nest and we would be able to watch another pair of baby sunbirds hatch, grow up and fly away.

I was pretty determined not to miss the 'flying away' part of the cycle, as I had missed it twice before, so hubby set up the video camera again and we recorded the daily goings-on at the nest as soon as the baby birds began popping their heads out of it.

The babies had grown quite big and we were sure that they would be flying away very soon. But on Saturday there was a little accident at the of the baby birds had come a little too far out of the nest while feeding and got its little leg entangled outside the nest. I was out, but fortunately, hubby was home and he saw all the commotion. He managed to untangle the baby bird while the father and mother sunbirds flew around him, fiercely protective of their offspring.

Hubby even managed to snap a photo...


Poor they don't seem to want to fly. Every time they come out of the nest to flap their wings, they will chicken out and hop right back in....even though the parents will be trying to get them to come out by feeding them from further and further away.