Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Creative Meals

Hubby packs lunch to work, usually something simple like sandwiches or pies and the occasional fried rice. At one time I had been making cute bento lunches for hubby to bring to work but lately I had run out of ideas...until I found a very interesting blog on the internet, Little Miss Bento where food is made with such creativity that it gave me ideas once again on how to make our meals more enjoyable.

My daughter, SweetTeen also has her share of cute lunches after she comes home from school. These are some of the simple meals I came up with in the last 2 weeks:

SweetTeen loves sushi and scrambled eggs,
so I made happy sausage sushi for lunch
Some music notes made of cheese added
to a hotdog
 Rice in the shape of sheep, since it's
the Year of The Sheep 
On Valentine's Day this year I decided on a home-cooked meal instead of spending money on food with ridiculously hiked-up prices....
A smiley doggy for dinner - made 4 of this.
 It was good to spend Valentine's Day
 together as a family
One of my latest, and favourite -
snowman taking a dip in chicken stew.
SweetTeen said it was too cute to eat