Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Pics

Since it's the last day of February and also the extra day in 2012, I thought I would just put up some pics  instead of writing a long post.

A spider the size of a 50sen coin (no kidding!) ran across our
living room floor causing panic among my family members,
so it got flattened by a rolled up newspaper.

I wonder if dogs could read this sign and
stay away from this rest area along the
north-south highway.

Seen on a list of kitchen utensils provided at
a holiday bungalow in Langkawi - it's supposed

to be 'Corning Ware'

The wonders of nature - there's a crab camouflaged
perfectly against these rocks...can you spot it?


shi-ern said...

I should do one of these pictorial post too since I'm so lousy at updating my blog lately... -.-

Sunny-Cookie said...

Yes, please do! Take loads of pics and post them!