Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Turn Off The Tap!

The water supply to my kitchen tap and the shower in the master bedroom's bathroom comes from the main water pipe while the tangki water is for all the other taps in the house.  Due to low water pressure, if someone is using the tap in the kitchen, the person who happens to be bathing at that moment will have no water to use...not even a drop!

Many a time hubby had found himself in the shower with a head full of shampoo and no water to wash it off while I was washing up after dinner, blissfully unaware of the predicament he was in! And worse of all, he had no way of telling me to turn off the kitchen tap because I wouldn't be able to hear him yelling from upstairs as the distance is quite far.

One day I jokingly mentioned that we should install an intercom in the bathroom and kitchen, and hubby came up with an idea, so this is what he fixed in the bathroom instead....

a switch in the shower box
...and this is what he put in the kitchen on the window sill near the sink...

a battery operated doorbell
So whenever anyone is taking a shower and someone downstairs uses the kitchen tap, it goes "DING DONG...DING DONG" and that means "turn off the tap...NOW!" 


YuinTing said...

Very creative idea!
When I was young, I stayed in a double-storey shop. At times when the phone rang, if we picked up the phone upstairs, we had to run downstairs yelling if the calls belonged to those downstairs.
To avoid a lot of running & yelling, my creative dad came out with a DOORBELL system. Eg, if the call belonged to him, we pressed "ring, ring, ring........", and if it belonged to my uncle, it was " ring ring......, ring ring......" etc.
How I miss those days of ring ring ring...

Sunny-Cookie said...

Looks like your dad and my husband had the same idea to save us all from the running and yelling :)