Monday, March 30, 2015

He's Now 21

Twenty one years ago on March 23rd,
I became a mother.
I held a little baby in my arms,
My life was changed forever.

How could a baby so tiny,
Fill us with such joy and wonder
Every milestone big or small,
Is recorded with the camera.

Tears and tantrums,
Laughter and tickles,
Chicken drumsticks and chocolate,
Barney and 'The Wiggles'.

Badminton and cycling,
Piano lessons and swimming,
Piles of daily homework,
You did at the speed of lightning.

Then you became a teenager,
And you saw the world differently.
You were growing up
And we missed that dimply smile dearly.

But the years flew by quickly
And the gloomy clouds lifted away.
The boy has grown up,
But still loving Milo every day.

Now my son, you are twenty one
With a future bright and clear.
Spread your wings and fly,
But remember this, my dear....

God always has the best plan for your life.

Your dad and I will be moving in with you 
As soon as you can afford to buy a house of your own!

Happy 21st Birthday, 
my son.


YuinTing said...

Happy birthday to your son!
May he stays healthy & happy.
I am sure with so much love and cares from family members, he will become a very responsible, kind and bright adult!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi YuinTing,

Thank you for your wishes and kind words. If only parenting came with an instruction manual, haha. We only see the results of our efforts when our children grow up.

Anonymous said...

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