Thursday, April 26, 2012

CoolTeen Growing Up

CoolTeen started college on Monday. After 12 years of having to wear uniform to school, he now has the liberty of deciding what to wear to classes everyday and how long he could keep his hair before going for a haircut. He gladly exercised this freedom by growing out his fringe and dyeing his hair a dark shade of blonde, so now I have a Korean-looking son...!

We took him to an education fair in December last year and since then he has been receiving offer letters from lots of colleges. I wonder how all these colleges managed to get hold of our address and figured that it must be from the survey form that my son filled up at the education fair. Lesson learnt: Do not to give out too much details whenever approached by anyone at these education fairs as the information may get shared.

I now  have this sticker on my
front and back windscreen.
Other drivers either try to bully me
by cutting in or staying far away from my car!
CoolTeen also passed his driving test, sitting for it twice. So now it looks like I may soon hear these words, "Mom, may I borrow your car?" I'm seriously thinking of respraying my car a lovely shade of pink and adding large Hello Kitty stickers all over...just to keep him away from my car, haha!

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