Wednesday, May 16, 2012

What I Saw

Here is the view of my front porch from inside the house, something that I am not accustomed to seeing...because something is missing - my little car. My porch looks like this on certain days of the week when my teenage son is driving my car. It used to be that wherever I am, there my car would be also...but not any more.

Another thing I saw on the porch last night...something that shouldn't have been there - a small snake, about 25cm long and slightly slimmer than a pencil! Cockroaches, spiders, mice and lizards I can deal with but NOT snakes! So CoolTeen, hubby and I stood there staring at the little thing, wondering aloud what to do with it. 

Me: Smack it with a slipper!

CoolTeen: It's not a cockroach. You can't kill a snake that way.

Hubby: Somebody's got to cut its head off.

Me: Not me! 

So hubby ended up grabbing the broom and dustpan while I went to search for a container. Not knowing whether it was poisonous or not, I thought that we could just try and coax it into a plastic container with a cover, seal it and then dump it into the rubbish bin before it could harm anyone.

The little fella was quite feisty and even shook its tail at me when I tried to take photos of it. My hands were a little shaky so the photos didn't turn out too well. I tried to match it to pictures of snakes on the internet but didn't see any that looked similar. Anyone knows what kind of snake this is?


YuinTing said...

I'm scared of snake too! So what's the fate of that feisty snake? Buried alive inside a plastic container? Dead?

Sunny-Cookie said...

I feel quite bad for suffocating the snake in that plastic container, but us city-people didn't know what else to do with it. The next morning the rubbish collectors came and emptied our dustbin, so we never saw that snake again. Hopefully there's no more snakes lurking around my garden :P