Sunday, August 26, 2012

An Interesting Blog

I was at a hair salon getting my unruly hair tamed, and as usual  I would get a stack of women's magazines to pass time. Whenever I go to the hair salon to fix my hair (not including a haircut or simple wash & blow-dry) , I am prepared for a 4 hour session. My hubby, and men in general, can never understand that.

While I was flipping through a local magazine, I came across an article about   make-up blogs. Since I use make-up on a daily basis , mostly because I'm vain and partly to disguise my age, I decided to look up the websites listed in the article. 

I have read many beauty blogs and find that most of them feature rather expensive cosmetics but this one blog "My Women Stuff" written by a girl known as Paris B, has reviews of various products plus their retail price (some which are quite affordable and others which are a little pricey). She lets readers know the pros and cons of each product on her skin, which seems very much like mine in skin tone and texture. There are lots of photos which I find very helpful in determining whether I like a particular product or not, without having to go and test them out myself at the make-up counter in a shopping mall.

A rather hilarious post about keeping our skin fair
while out in the sun
You might like to check it out yourself:


Paris B said...

Hi Sunny Cookie - I spotted your link love and came over to investigate :) Thank you so much for sharing about my blog, and I hope you have been enjoying your visits :) Hoping to see you around the comment box some time :) Have a great day!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Paris B, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I have been enjoying my visits to your blog...there's just so much to read. Will visit often :)