Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nick Vujicic In KL

I found out on Facebook that Nick Vujicic would be in KL for a few days, so hubby and I decided to bring our kids to attend his talk City Harvest Church at Sunway on the 31st of August.

The talk was scheduled at 2pm but when we reached there at 12.30pm the hall was already about 80% full. We queued for an hour and still couldn't get in. Thankfully, our church friend who had arrived earlier and had booked seats for us managed to convince the security personnel to let us jump the queue to enter the hall.

All the chairs were removed from the hall so that as many people as possible could be seated on the floor. Later I read that the final count was about 9,500 people when only 5,000 were expected to turn up!
The crowd that afternoon. There is a large
LED screen at the stage.
Seeing Nick in person made all the waiting and tight squeezing worth it. He's an excellent motivational speaker - he has this gift of making people laugh or cry with his words.
So thankful for the large screen because Nick
looked really tiny from where I was seated.
Nick Vujicic's message is one of hope. Born without arms or legs, he should be the one without much of a future yet God had plans for him beyond what he could even imagine, and now he travels the world spreading the message of hope and finding meaning in life. This really makes me grateful for what I have and I believe that, like Nick, everyone can live a life full of possibilities.

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