Sunday, December 27, 2009

Busy But Fun Week

It's been a really hectic week. I didn't even have time to use the PC for the last 7 days! Organized a Line Dance party on the 19th. It was a small tea party this year...we had about 15 people. Everyone chipped in and brought some food...ate until we were all full and still there was food left to ta pau.

Had guests over for dinner on the 22nd...about 60 of them! The students from the Uniten Christian Fellowship came over for their annual Christmas Night Thanksgiving Dinner. Thankfully they also brought most of the food :)

Also organized our annual caroling where a group of the church members would go from home to home singing Christmas carols. We went caroling on the 23rd. This year we sang at 3 locations, in previous years we would try to visit at least 4 homes, so it was quite relaxing and we had more time to spend at each place, mingling around and sampling yummy food prepared for us by the gracious hosts of each place :) Reached home around 12 midnight.

Did some last minute shopping the next day at MidValley Megamall and Sungei Wang Plaza. I had bought everyone's presents except CoolTeen's. Now that he's outgrown toys, it's quite difficult to buy gifts for him. Finally found something at ROOM, a gift shop at MidValley. Had dinner at The Ship just across the road from Bukit Bintang Plaza. I haven't been there in more than 10 years, I think! Went home and sat down at the PC to prepare a video presentation of all the church activities in the month of December for our Christmas Service the next day...finished at 1 am (yawn).

Our Christmas Service began at 10 am. We had a group of ladies doing a very graceful Praise Dance, followed by a mime to the song "Do You Hear What I Hear?" by the kids from the Children Church and then my video presentation. Glad that everything went well, except that I was playing piano that morning and there was no volume coming out from the main speakers. My very creative musicians decided to turn the monitor speakers towards the congregation as a temporary measure and I relied solely on the PA man to signal to me how loudly or softly to play the piano. Thank God for a good and reliable team!

Exchanged gifts and had some makan before going home. My kids could hardly wait to open their presents, and did so as soon as we reached home.
Had an enjoyable Christmas family dinner at my sis-in-law's place. My kids brought the Wii game over to her place and CoolTeen accidentally knocked over her Christmas tree as he was unplugging the machine just before we left for home...oops!

Went to watch "Alvin and The Chipmunks 2" on the 26th. I think the cute factor wore off in this sequel...a little too predictable - the usual slapstick humour, the singing and dancing, the mandatory heart warming scenes towards the end... after a while all the high pitched songs begin to sound quite the same, but Miss PreTeen enjoyed it thoroughly. Had dinner with my parents.

Slept in on Sunday catch up with all the sleep I missed! :D


v a n i a said...

Hmm.. the words are green when scrolled over and red when clicked on! Cool effect! ;D

Sunny-Cookie said...

Yes I know...but I didn't do it on purpose...don't know why it only happens on this post...