Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Retail Therapy

16 more days till Christmas! This year I managed to do my Christmas shopping early and not wait till the last minute like I usually do every year (trying to get rid of the procrastinator in me!). Went to a few shopping malls and couldn't resist snapping photos of their Christmas deco.

Sungei Wang Plaza

The Mines


Cheras Leisure Mall


Prices have gone up for most things this year, especially foodstuff, and the kids had additional tuition classes for certain subjects that they were weak in. Being in charge of the household expenditures is quite a challenge...just when I've got everything nicely planned, a sudden need will pop up (kid's shoes got holes, kid needs additional books, etc, etc) and there goes the little extra money I thought I had for the month (sigh). So a little retail therapy does wonders to soothe the 'housewife blues'...I can spend without going on a guilt trip since it's Christmas and I'm not buying stuff for myself anyway...ok, maybe just a few small items...

I remember when I was expecting my second child and it was a difficult pregnancy as I was feeling sick most of the time. The only thing that could take my mind off the nausea was retail therapy! It's strange but I never felt sick when I was at a shopping mall but I would throw up like crazy at home. Hubby used to tease me about that... and still does.

When it comes to shopping, men and women are so different. Hubby will go directly to the store, buy what he needs and go home. I would go to every shop to compare the prices and then go back to the one where there is a discount for the item I want to buy (we ladies always love a good bargain!)...which is probably one of the reasons why my son, CoolTeen, would rather stay at home on his own than go shopping with me.

I received this picture through email sometime ago, probably drawn by a very bored guy who had only one item to buy but had to wait 3 hours for his wife to do her shopping...


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