Friday, September 17, 2010

I Got A Crush On You

Recently the small fish pond in our garden has been rather popular with frogs and toads when all the fish died. Hubby found tadpoles in the water one day and had to clean out the entire pond to get rid of them. He also added some new fish to keep the  frogs from laying eggs in the pond, but one particular frog would still come to visit.

Tonight we understood why, as we caught sight of that one lonely frog (circled in red in the 2nd photo) sitting on one of the stones in the pond...

...looking adoringly at the ceramic fish by the side of the pond???

Now that's infatuation...froggy style!


YuinTing said...

Perhaps the frog wishes to kiss that ceramic fish and turn it into a princess! Ha! Ha!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Ya, I asked my daughter to kiss the frog and it might turn into a handsome prince but she refused!