Monday, September 6, 2010

Just Buy A New One

My trusty hairdryer, which I got for free a few years ago when I redeemed some points with Real Rewards, has finally given up on me. I had tried to use it earlier and I saw the wire glowing red  where it joins to the 3-pin plug. Then there was a burning smell, which meant that something was seriously wrong and that I should just switch off the hairdryer rather than risk setting my (precious) hair on fire.

Hubby had a look at it, plugged the hairdryer into the electric socket to test it and there was a loud "POP" which tripped the electrical supply to a section of our house. Then he decided to chop off the offending part...(reminds me of the Red Queen in the recent movie 'Alice In Wonderland', who loved to yell "Off with his head!!"...well, in this case..."Off with the tail"? haha)

...and said that he could probably change the 3-pin plug but wasn't sure if the mini explosion had damaged the whole wire, but he could try to get it repaired. As much as I loved this hairdryer, I thought it would be better to just buy a new one. See, to us ladies the solution to most problems with electrical appliances is simple...just go buy a new one! Men on the other hand...ok, time to zip it and not say anything because hubby reads my blog...

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