Monday, March 7, 2011

21st Century ABC

Had a good laugh when I opened my email a few days ago and saw this...

What kids are learning today:

A: Apple
B: Bluetooth
C: Chat
D: Download

E: Email
F: Facebook
G: Google

H: Hewlett Packard
I: iPhone

J: Java
K: Kingston
L: Laptop
M: Messenger
N: Nero
O: Orkut
P: Picassa

Q: Quick Heal
R: Ram

S: Server
T: Twitter


V: Vista

W: WiFi
X: Xp

Y: YouTube

Z: Zorpia

My daughter, SweetTeen, even guessed correctly most of what the other alphabets represent after I showed her only A, B and C from this list.

At least A is still for Apple...!

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