Monday, February 28, 2011

Family Day 2011

Our shadows on the beach, that's me on the left taking the picture. Hubby is next to me, followed by Sweet Teen and CoolTeen.
Went down to Port Dickson on Saturday for hubby's company's Family Day. This time we stayed at the Casa Rachardo Beach Resort. The last time I stayed there was 5 years ago and I remember that it was such a colourful place with the interior of each apartment looking like a tadika as each wall would be a different colour and the furniture was in bright hues.

Looks like nothing much has changed since then...still the same colourful interior and exterior. The exterior walls of the building is a very loud yellow, visible from far away!

I wasn't looking forward to the trip at all as I was told that there would be telematches in the afternoon and a barbecue dinner at the poolside, me preferring the indoors to getting toasted in this scorching heatwave. But the games were simple challenges requiring some strategy and teamwork, and even my 2 kids joined in the fun. Our team emerged champion out of 5 teams :)

Our hamper prize for being champions
The theme for the barbecue was black and red, and thinking of casual comfort hubby and CoolTeen wore jeans with black striped T-shirts while Sweet Teen and I wore matching red striped T-shirts. When we reached the poolside we realised that most people were dressed in formal wear....and I felt that we looked rather odd dressed so casually! There were the customary welcome speeches followed by dinner and lots of karaoke singing plus a few lucky draw sessions in between...and of course we did not win any of the prizes for the best-dressed husband/wife/son/daughter but at least we won 5 KFC meal vouchers in the lucky draw :)

Spent time chatting and getting to know some of the staff and their spouses better. It was an enjoyable time after all, although I missed our main church's 30th anniversary celebration which was held on the exact same day as the Family Day :(

I didn't dare sit under that least not without a helmet!

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