Sunday, December 11, 2011

Last Day of Secondary School

December 8th was the last day of SPM for CoolTeen and when I sent him to school that morning his school shirt was nice and clean, but when I went to fetch him later this was what I saw...

His friends had autographed his shirt
using marker pens!
This marks the end of his secondary schooling and he has decided not to study Form 6 but go to college instead. Yesterday we brought him to the Facon Education Fair at PWTC. There is so much choice of colleges and universities nowadays compared to the time when I completed my Form 5. No wonder the teenagers nowadays get confused...every university seems to try to outdo the other with the programs and facilities they offer as well as the fees they charge.

This next step in our son's life is going to cause a big hole in our the realm of 5 digits, so thankfully he's not too keen on going overseas to study!

Some of the brochures we brought back from 
the education fair.

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