Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 Decades Of Love

This is what appeared in my blog sidebar on 11th of July 2012. Yup, hubby and I have been married for 20 years, although it seems like only yesterday... 

I was 24 and hubby was 28 when we got married at the Glad Tidings church in PJ. I still remember that I could not sleep a wink the night before the wedding, running through all the plans in my mind and praying that everything would go well. 

I was supposed to have my make-up done at 8am but the make-up lady got lost and couldn't find my house even with the address and instructions given to her. That was the days when we did not have the convenience of mobile phones, so I was in quite a panic when she still didn't show up by 9am since hubby was due to arrive at 10am. Thankfully she came at slightly after 9am and was so skilled that I had my make-up and hair done in no time at all, and was all ready before the clock struck 10.

Hubby arrived on time and we had the customary cham cha which is offering a cup of tea to each of my parents, aunties and uncles before heading to church for the wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony in church was short and sweet, and we had a tea reception after that at the hall within the church premises.

We had 2 dinners, one on the wedding day hosted by hubby's parents and one on the next day hosted by my parents since both sets of parents had wanted to invited every single one of their friends and family, and Chinese restaurants in those days could not accommodate so many tables. It was a tiring affair - we shook so many hands of people offering their congratulations and we smiled so much for so many hours that our hands were stiff and our smiles were frozen on our faces long after the guests had gone home!

But we had fun.

And now, 20 years later with 2 kids...I must say that by the grace of God through good times and bad, we are still very much in love :)

Celebrated by having buffet lunch at Mosaic,
Mandarin Oriental Hotel KL


YuinTing said...

Happy anniversary to you!
I am sure anniversary is a wonderful day to celebrate the love and bond that grow stronger with each passing year. May you both be celebrating many many more wonderful years together, and wishing you more dreams come true!

Sunny-Cookie said...

Thanks, Yuin Ting :)