Thursday, September 20, 2012


My son CoolTeen, always the witty one, came up with a new word: "curry-proof". To understand the meaning of this word I would have to tell you my son's story...

One evening, CoolTeen was having a meal with his close buddies at Papparich when one of his friends asked to have a look at his iPod Touch, the one we got him for his birthday last year.

This friend had just finished a bowl of curry mee.

While he was playing a game on the iPod, suddenly the iPod slipped from his grasp into the bowl of curry (gasp!).

CoolTeen quickly fished it out and tried to wipe off as much of the curry as possible from the iPod.

When he came home, he was rather upset because there was no sound coming out of his iPod speakers. Honestly, his dad and I were a little upset too since the iPod was not cheap. However, after a few days the speakers were working fine again. I suppose the moisture (ie. curry) had dried up within the device.

So now we know that although the iPod may not be water-proof, it sure is curry-proof!

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