Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Seen Around Town

Here are some random shots taken around town...

Saw this on a menu in a restaurant specializing
in fried noodles. Perhaps this item on the menu
 should be censored?
Muatan Panjang reminds us not to drive too close
to the lorry. Mautan Panjang, I suppose, is meant to scare other
motorists from coming anywhere within 10 metres of the lorry??
This shot was taken from inside the restaurant.
Notice the 'No Parking' sign at the entrance?
The driver of that white car just couldn't resist
double parking his vehicle on the porch
and being a nuisance to other customers 

alighting from or getting back into their cars 
on that rainy night.
Sign pasted on the ONLY ticket machine at the
exit of a basement carpark. If you only have a
10 Ringgit note and the parking charges is 4 Ringgit,
you would want to pound this machine until it coughs 

out your change!
On a happier note, the recent very hot spell interspersed
with sudden heavy showers caused trees to blossom with
pretty white and pink flowers. See the car on the left
covered with flowers? :)


YuinTing said...

The first one is so hilarious. If I show it to my kids, they are surely going to laugh so hard, ha ha!

Sunny-Cookie said...

I'm sure they would. My kids had a good laugh over it too!