Friday, October 19, 2012

Beauty Drink

Of late, many 'beauty drinks' aka collagen drinks have flooded the market, with many of them claiming to fight wrinkles and help us regain a youthful appearance. Personally I have not tried any of them but I see people snapping them up in large quantities whenever there's a sale at the pharmacies since these drinks don't come cheap.

So I was rather surprised to find a 'beauty enhancing' drink with a very, very low price tag when I went for lunch at Pontian Wanton Noodles restaurant at Berjaya Times Square in KL... says "Contains natural Vitamin C.
Smoothens throat,
enhance beauty,
cooling & good
for digestion"

And the price?  RM2.50! 

Since I'm already at the age where young men are calling me 'aunty' instead of 'leng lui' (roughly translated as 'sweet young thing' in Cantonese), I wouldn't mind downing glasses and glasses of this if it can really enhance beauty as it claims!

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