Sunday, October 28, 2012

Neat Shoe Rack

Whenever I go shopping with hubby and my daughter, SweetTeen (my son, CoolTeen, doesn't want to shop with his mom anymore, unless forced to...), they would try to hurry me past a shoe shop. If I start heading towards one, they would roll their eyes and exclaim with a sigh, "There she goes again!"

Because I love shoes. 

Most women do, right?

I suppose most of us also keep our shoes in their boxes until we need to wear them, so it might be a bit of a hassle looking for the right pair of shoes to match our outfit if our shoe rack is full of shoe boxes like this...

I read somewhere that some people take a snapshot of their shoes, print it and paste it on the outside of the corresponding shoebox so that they wouldn't need to peep into every shoebox to find the pair of shoes they are looking for.

I am too lazy to do that, so I just use a marker pen and write a simple description of the pair of shoes on the outside of the shoebox.

That's my "white wedge-heels", "black court shoes",
"white court high heels", etc.
I wish I am just as organized with my kitchen drawers. Sometimes it's a nightmare trying to find a particular ladle among my large collection of kitchen utensils. Oh, have I mentioned that I love collecting kitchen utensils? 

I find it strange how I can be neat in one area and completely sloppy in another...!

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