Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Just Some Pics

Here are some things that made me scratch my head and wonder...
Went on holiday and saw this.
Notice the location of the bath tub 
and the shower head. Did the
contractor need glasses?
Perhaps the wind was too strong for
these metal dividers? Most of them lean
like this in the entire area (somewhere in Cheras)
And here are some things that brought a smile...
Knowing that I'm an Angry Bird fan, my friend
bought me these paper cups for baking cupcakes!
Another friend visited Korea during Christmas
and she helped me buy these
Skinfood skincare products at less than
half the retail price in Malaysia :)
She even brought back lots of samples.
(big big smiles)


YuinTing said...

I think that's what makes life interesting :-)

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi YuinTing,

Yes, I agree!