Friday, February 1, 2013

Some More Pics

The weather has been extremely hot lately and this morning when I opened my handbag to get my lipstick this is what I discovered...
My lipstick had melted into a misshapen gooey lump!
Ah well, at least I've got an excuse to go buy
another lipstick!
Many of my son's friends now have their driver's license. At first it's quite a thrill to be able to drive but after a while, with all the traffic jam, driving around doesn't seem so fun. So they car-pool. 

One day, a few of them decided to go to the mall. One of my son's friends drove over to our place and since my son was the designated driver for the day, we allowed his friend to park his car at our porch. When I peeked into the car (after they had left, of course!) this is what I saw...
The strange things people keep in their car:
notice what's in the compartment near the gear stick?
Here's a closer look...I was giggling so much
that I forgot to focus my camera.
Answer: dentures

(might be his dad's or mum's)
I think it is good to have marked pathways for the blind. Have you noticed them around town on the pedestrian walkways? They are yellow with raised stripes for the visually disabled to 'feel' with their cane, to help them stay on the pavement and off the road when they walk.

However. there's one pathway that really defies logic. Do you see where it leads to?

Some friends invited us to a German restaurant in Bangsar and being meat-lovers, hubby and I feasted on pork knuckles, Bratwurst sausages and rack of ribs...yum!

On another occasion we were invited to a vegetarian dinner and when this arrived on our table it looked like soup with lovely chunks of meat, right?
Wrong. It's all vegetarian...which means it's not meat 
although our brain may tell us otherwise!
 I marvel at how it closely resembles the real thing.
Truly a work of art, and a tasty one!

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