Tuesday, February 26, 2013

2 Weeks Of CNY Celebration

It's been a wonderful 2 weeks of Chinese New Year celebrations as I stuffed my tummy to the max. I know I am going to regret it but as Garfield the cat  says:
It all started with the reunion dinner at my older brother's place the week before CNY. We had a barbecue this time, something different from the norm. Too bad I was busy eating and forgot to snap photos!

Then came the reunion dinner at my parents-in law's place on the eve of CNY. We had steamboat. There's nothing like sharing a meal around 2 pots of boiling soup...in an air-conditioned home, of course!
Then came the customary lunches and dinners, as I visited my parents, relatives and friends. 
Tossing the yee sang for many blessings
in the coming year
SweetTeen collecting her angpow
This year's gathering with my long-time friends was a little bitter-sweet as there was one child missing among our kids. One of my friends lost her 17 year old son to leukaemia just a few weeks ago but we were glad that she and her family decided to join us for our annual CNY gathering. 

Valentine's Day fell on the 5th day of CNY and since hubby was still on leave we decided to have a simple lunch at Levain...but I guess lots of people had the same idea as the place was filled to the brim and we couldn't even drive into their carpark! So we headed further down Jalan Tun Razak and ended up at Delicious instead.
I had quiche - something like an egg and meat pie
Love their desserts!
And on Chap Goh Mei, the last day of CNY, we finally managed to locate our favourite claypot chicken rice shop, Restoran Makanan Teow Chew which had shifted from their previous premises to Taman Segar, Cheras.
My family loves this place because the food
is quick and tasty
Finally...the opening of my kids' angpows after which hubby will deposit the money into the respective kid's bank account for their future use.
My kids tell me that everyone has been generous
in their giving this year :)
Remember last year I posted up a video showing a lion dance doing the shuffle dance? This year it's the 'Gangnam Style' lion dance...


YuinTing said...

it is good to know you had a great new year! (I was not so lucky as I was sick for a week...since the first day of CNY).

The Gangnan Style lion dance is so entertaining!!! Thanks for sharing.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Oh dear, it's no fun being sick during CNY. Glad you like the lion dance video :)