Wednesday, July 31, 2013

4 Days In Sarawak

Last week I was in Sarawak for a music workshop together with my pastor and 3 other church members.
Flew to Kuching on AirAsia flight.
View of Sungei Rajang from the plane
In our rented car driving to Sri Aman,
about 2.5 hours away. There's no highway,

only one road connects one town to another.
Sri Aman, an agricultural town with
oil palm plantations, fruit orchards and pepper trees
See the little peppercorns? This is the famous
Sarawak black pepper.
View from our inn at Sri Aman.
Visited a nearby church
which is built beside a longhouse.
Sayur mani is usually fried with egg over here.
Flew to Miri the next day. The pastor of the Miri church drove us over the border to visit Brunei.
The queue of cars entering Miri on a weekend.
It stretches over a few kilometres!
Visited the Empire Hotel, owned by the
Sultan of Brunei, where the room rates
are around RM1000 a night.

The swimming pool is so huge it seems
more like a lake!
The church in Miri where we held the
music workshop for the youths.
There's a cafe above the church which is
open only on Sundays after church service
The best kolok mee in Sarawak
(something like our dry wantan mee)
 is found here at the cafe.
Ular (snake) is found on a drinks menu
at a food court in Miri!
Found out that it's actually a herbal drink.
One thing I notice about Sarawak as we drove around is that there is so much land and space, something that we lack in KL city. The people are so warm and friendly, and keep stuffing us with delicious food that I've gained a kg or two over the 4 days! Hope to visit again...this time with my family.

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