Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blog Revived!

Are we in the 2nd quarter of 2014 already? My, my, how time flies! 

It has indeed been a busy few months, and I hardly even have time to sit down and have a tea break on most days. Just a quick recap of what has happened so far...

Chinese New Year celebrations was rather quiet this year. Met up with my ex-colleagues for our annual CNY gathering and marvelled at how our kids have grown while we exchange stories about all the goings-on in our lives.

SweetTeen celebrated her Sweet 16th birthday in February followed by CoolTeen's in March. Now that he has turned 20, I have to come up with a new nickname for him. 
Teddy Bear cupcakes for SweetTeen
Went to OneCity Mall in Subang Jaya to celebrate CoolTeen's birthday.
This is the view of the mall through a glass floor 10 storeys up! 
It has also been an emotional roller-coaster ride with unusual ups and downs this year. Probably the biggest reason why I decided to take a break from blogging. Perhaps I'll comment on it when the ride is over.

Oh, and there was some hoo-ha when a baby snake slithered into my kitchen one night. My no-longer-small kids are terrified of creepy crawlies so guess who had to corner it and trap it in a plastic cookie container?
It looks large in this shot but it's only about 30cm long
So, having said all that....it's good to be back! *smiles*

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