Saturday, April 26, 2014

Mr. Postman, Where's My Letter?

Our front gate has served us well for the last 19 years and has begun to rust and lean off its hinge on one side. So we're in the midst of getting a new gate and doing some minor renovations to our porch. The workers took off our old gate and left it along the side wall as well as demolished our pillars to build new ones that are further apart since we're buying a bigger gate. 

Two days ago, Miss SweetTeen saw the postman ride his motorbike into our porch and then ride out again, which meant that he had mail for us. We now have no more letter-box because our pillar has been demolished, so when she went out of the house to collect the letters, she didn't find any. Puzzled, she mentioned it to me when I came home and I went out to have a look. 

Old habits die hard, so guess where the postman placed the letter?

View of my porch from inside the house. Pillars are gone,
so no doorbell and no letter-box.
Old gate taken off its hinges and leaning against
the side wall.
There it is!
A closer look.
I suppose letters should be placed either
in the letter-box or on the gate, and no where else?

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