Thursday, May 15, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

Usually whenever there's a celebration in church, the mothers will each bring some food  and all the church members would have a simple lunch together. For Mother's Day this year, the youths and young adults were assigned to bring food instead.

So early on Sunday morning, my kids were awake and busy in the kitchen frying sausages. Too bad I was having blocked nose that day, as I'm sure the kitchen would have been filled with a lovely aroma. I was not allowed to cook  but I did supervise them. It was such a sight having my 2 kids cooking together that hubby couldn't resist snapping some photos.

But my kids were camera-shy, so you would only get to see their busy hands at work....

During the church service a little later on, the youth group presented a mime using coloured gloves.

Cookies and spatula flown all the way from
USA, given by my pastor :)

To end the day, we had a simple family dinner at Nando's. Really appreciate everyone who took the effort to make us mothers feel special on this day.

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