Tuesday, May 27, 2014

No More P Sticker On The Car

Now that my son has left his teen years, I need to come up with another nickname for him on my blog knowing that he really values his privacy and wouldn't want to publish his name and photos on the internet for all to see.

But his mum, being the forgetful person that she is, is a blogger and she wants to keep a record of all the experiences in her life as a mum so that there would be stories to tell her children when they become parents, as well as to her grandchildren in days to come.

Hence all the nicknames and lack of photos of ourselves so as to have some degree of privacy. In this age of advancing technology, you'll never know what unscrupulous people can do with your mugshots, right?

OK...back to the nickname bit.

I'll refer to my son as Mr. CoolGuy from this day on, a slight difference from his old nickname, Mr.CoolTeen.

Mr. CoolGuy has exchanged his Malaysian Probational Driving Licence (PDL) for his Competent Driving Licence (CDL) and the P stickers on our cars can now be removed, much to his pleasure. He complains that drivers of larger vehicles usually like to bully drivers in smaller cars with the P sticker by cutting into their lanes. 

Took him to the nearest branch of the Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan, bringing a photo, MyKad and P driving licence. I didnt know that the photo needed a white background now instead of the usual blue, but thankfully the photo could be scanned from the new MyKad. So the chip in the MyKad works after all. The strange rule is that we can only renew the licence within a week of the expiry date. 

Queue was really long. After a 1.5 hour wait, I paid RM150 for 5 years plus RM15 processing fee but because CoolGuy's birthday falls in March, he gets another 11 months FOC since his P licence expired end of April. Not bad, 6 years for the price of 5!

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