Friday, June 6, 2014

A Fun Escape

We didn't plan any trip this school holidays so hubby and I decided to take our kids to The Escape Room at Berjaya Times Square mall for a fun afternoon together.

The Escape Room is a challenge game with various themes. We looked at their website and initially wanted to go to eCurve but the time slots that we wanted were all fully booked, so we chose Berjaya Times Square instead. Booking can be done online, several days ahead without any payment. The staff will give us a phone call on the day we have chosen just to confirm our attendance and we only pay at the venue. 

Entrance fee is RM32 per person but there is a small discount for students with the Student ID card. Secondary students can bring their library card.

Each room has a fixed difficulty level, from 3 (easy) to 5 (difficult), and not being very adventurous we chose the one with a difficulty level of 4 - The Vampire Chronicles. The maximum number of people allowed in each room is 8, but no one else wanted our time slot so we had the whole room to ourselves.

We had to keep our bags and mobile phones in a locker so I couldn't take any photos to show on my blog, but there's their official video here to give you an idea of what's it's all about.

The challenge is to get clues within the room and solve the puzzle before 45 minutes is up. 
We started off the game by being handcuffed together -
all four of us. The our guide gave us instructions before
sending us into our allocated room.
We could find the key to unlock our handcuffs and managed to solve the first puzzle. Unfortunately we took too long trying to figure out some mathematical clues and didn't manage to escape in time. Our guide was good, when our time was up he came in and explained all the answers to us. It turned out to be simpler than we thought and goes to show that sometimes we think of complicated ways to solve a puzzle when the the solution is actually quite simple.
We went "Uh-oh" when our timer showed this.
So in the end we had to take a photo with a big LOSER sign, haha. Those we escape before 45 minutes would get to hold the WINNER signboard instead.

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