Sunday, November 2, 2008

Does That Make Sense??

Our car seat belts are rather tight and uncomfortable, so I bought 2 seat belt clips – one each for the driver and front passenger – to keep the belt a little loose and more comfortable. The instructions really cracked me up and our whole family had a good laugh as we read it aloud. The funny ones are highlighted in red. See if you can spot any sentence at all without a single grammatical error…



Before use, pleased read the manual first for right usage


-Can immediately dismantle while touch, can easily change the hang position
-The adoption operates in big volume of inner side button
-The thumb press button can easily switch the inner side of it for initiation use
-The design with folds and hinge to prevent the product from damaged when installing
-Under urgent circumstance the safety belt will start original function
-The safe belt’s max breadth is 53mms which it can support


Put the coin or etc. into space of this product’s inner side and protect cover, to force it open
Stuffs into the safety belt, until hear the sound of “card, card”. At this time, turn the sigh of this product’s inner side button downcast direction.


If install the wrong direction, it can’t revolve normally, please pay your attention.


After installing the safety belt, to loose a little bit of the safety belt.


Loosen 3 cms or above (the palm can fill into) on normal of the safety belt, please do not use.
2) Push the button of the inner side up when in this state, making similar to the glide of metal tool when it hoisting, press the button of this product inner side to lock it.
3) Press the button of this product’s inner side, to lock it.

· If not obey the usage rule, exist the danger of the passenger rushing out of the car when the urgent brake or collide situation. It will not function properly.
· The passenger also should obey the above-mentioned operation method.


-This product will not fix the safety belt completely.
-Please don’t use beyond the original usage.
-The product used for limiting the safety belt of curl. While don’t use the safety belt, pay attention to the safety belt weather is stretching out of the car, do not hamper the driver’s operation.
-Absolutely forbid the error gearing and remolding otherwise lead to bad result our company does not take any assurance responsibility.
-While open the machine with the coin, would easily damage the produce.
-Before start please make sure whether the vehicle fixed or not.
-The safety belt width above 53 mms can uses this product.
-Some have special shape or parts’ safety belt can’t use this product.
-The inside safe sensor of the safety belt may lose efficacy, please must attention to.

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