Monday, March 16, 2009

Fruit Enzyme, Garbage Enzyme


I have been experimenting...making my own fruit enzyme drink. I've been told that it's good for health. My favourite is the pineapple enzyme drink - I usually wake up in the mornings with stiff knees and whenever I drink it before going to bed, the stiffness is gone the next morning!

I was chatting with my friend the other day and she wondered if all the sugar in the enzyme drink is actually good for us...hmm, maybe I've been adding too much sugar...

But it's fun making the enzyme drink - all I need is fruit (any kind), lemons and rock/slice sugar. Then layer them in a large dry bottle, put on an airtight seal, and wait 2 weeks...voila! It tastes like wine...yup, it's an alcoholic beverage. Hubby is wondering whether there'll be more alcoholic housewives nowadays, with so many of us making enzyme drinks!

I'm also trying to make garbage enzyme - used for cleaning purposes. I just combine fruit peel (leftover from making fruit enzyme), brown sugar and water. I was told that the ratio is 3:1:1...that is, 300g peel to 100g sugar to 1 liter of water. Pop all of this into a plastic container, cover and keep for 3 months, stirring occasionally. I have a bottle of garbage enzyme dated June ' it's another 2 months before I can use it and perhaps blog about whether it's an effective cleaner.


Ong said...

The sugar is okay. The bacteria and the yeast present in the fruits will consume the sugar, turning to acid and alcohol (same as most fermentation process). It is those bacteria and yeast that produce the enzymes.

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Ong,
Thanks for the info :)

Eunice said...

Hi Sunny,
Just happened to bump into posting. Hv a question and seeking your assistance to answer.
I made some enzyme afew days ago. On checking now, there is a layer of whitish formed. Wander if that is considered mould. Should we throw it away?
Btw, should we stir in between?

Sunny-Cookie said...

Hi Eunice,
If you've made enzyme for drinking, then I would advise you to throw it away as it is mouldy. Everything has to be totally dry and not come into contact with water when making drink enzyme and it shouldn't be stirred. If you are referring to garbage enzyme, then it's ok to keep it and do remember to stir it about once a week. Hope this helps :-)